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Networkmaine is public-facing name used by the Infrastructure Services unit of University Services : Information Technology (US:IT), for the University of Maine System (UMS).

Networkmaine is located in the Nevill Hall Computing Center, on the University of Maine campus in Orono.

Mailing Address: 5752 Neville Hall
Computing Center
Orono, ME 04469-5752
Street: 32 Flagstaff RD
Orono, ME
Voice: 207-581-3501, or toll free at 1-888-367-6756
Fax: 207-561-3531
Email: support@maine.edu

Directory A-Z

Boynton, Todd
Unified Communications Analyst

Brasier, Stephen
IT Specialist
Portland Campus

Brooks, Edward
Telecommunications Specialist
Portland Campus

Caldwell, Natasha
Administrative Assistant II

Cousins, Stephen
Supercomputer Engineer

Curtis, Kimberly
Network Operations Center Support Technician

Damboise, Eric
Senior Communications Specialist

Dow, Trecia
Administrative Assistant II

Gaspar, Ami
Advanced Computing Outreach Specialst

Glenn, Brandon
Network Engineer
Portland Campus

Grindle, Ken
Virtualization and Datacenter Administrator

Henry, Andrew
Network Operations Center Coordinator

Huskins, John
Telecommunications Analyst

Kennedy, Lorelei
Administrative Support Supervisor

Knowles, Kent
Telecommunications Specialist

Lavoie, Corey
Senior Communications Specialist

Letourneau, Jeffrey
Executive Director

McDonald, Jason
Network Engineer

Morgan, James
Telecommunications Specialist
Portland Campus

Parker, Lori Ann
Administrative Clerk

Peirce, Garret
Network Architect

Perloff, Anne
Technology Coordinator for Distance Learning

Richardson, David
Telecommunications Specialist

Segee, Bruce
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Soucy, Ray Patrick
Network Engineer

Stewart, Robert
Telecommunications Manager
Augusta Campus

Strout, Susanne
On-Site Support Technicain

Wilson, Christian
Advanced Computing Data Specialist

Wood, Lucas
Network Engineer

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