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Joebox NE

The Networkmaine Edition Joebox is a 1U rack-mountable appliance build on commodity hardware.  It provides four Gigabit Ethernet ports and has been verified for WAN throughput greater than 100 Mbps with a full feature set.  The CPU is an Intel Dual-Core Xeon at 2.5GHz with 2GB RAM.

Here are some of the features of the Joebox M-series:

  • IP routing engine

  • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) Firewall for both NAT (Private) and Routed (Public) IP networks

  • Optional Local DHCP and DNS services with the ability to act as a satellite server for central MSLN servers (this provides a functional DHCP server in the event that WAN connectivity is lost for publicly-address networks)

  • Local CIPA-compliant HTTP filter with adaptive Real-Time Filter provides content-based filtering in addition to traditional URL-based filtering.

  • Limited VPN client and server support through PPTP

  • Local management through web-based control panel for administration

  • Supported by Networkmaine

Support and Documentation

Networkmaine is responsible for support of the Joebox NE.  This is a different platform that MECnet support staff has not been trained on and will be unable to provide assistance for.

For a brief overview, please read the Joebox NE User Manual.

For PPTP VPN configuration, see Joebox VPN Setup Guide.

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